"It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver"

- Mahatma Gandhi



Elenia Kolokotronis holds a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition and is working towards her Psychology degree in Community and Human Nutrition. Her on-going research specialises in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), chemically enhanced and processed foods and its direct effect on South African children and South African female fertility with the inclusion of environmental, physical and emotional environment playing a key role in our societies ailing health. Elenia has had much of her work published in magazines and online websites.


Elenia has the condition known as P-COS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and was told by fertility specialists that conceiving naturally & without chemical and hormone therapy was never an option. So she sought alternative advice from famed Naturopathic Doctor Dimitri Karalis, who opened her eyes to the human body and its profound ability to heal itself through the correct symbiosis of fasting, food & mental state.


Her realistic and logical approach to present day life and our fast paced world as well as our nutrition and eating habits has seen Elenia work on numerous school tuck-shops and canteen menus in Gauteng and the Western Cape as well as a renowned health retreat overseas in Cyprus. She has a successful rate in aiding a number of ladies to conceive naturally and has assisted children having allergies combat their conditions naturally. Her on-going research concerning GMOs and chemically processed foods allows Elenia to document her findings for her research degree. Although strict when it comes to health, Elenia sees no wrong in the occasional Nandos take-away or Friday night pizza and advocates that when it comes to realistic eating, education and moderation, an open mind and an emotional as well as physical want to change play a key role in our health.


Elenia has two naughty but perfect sons that she conceived naturally. Elenia is based in Senderwood, Johannesburg but consults on-line in all regions as well as internationally.

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"Processed meats are not the sole choice for Listeriosis"

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"They may prevent toxins from entering your system..."



"Processed meats are not the sole choice for Listeriosis"

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"But I am a woman! I am supposed to have babies!"


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Kids Kingdom


"This is written to say a BIG thank you and God Bless to Elenia Kolokotronis. I am the owner of Kids Kingdom, a crèche in the Western Cape caring for children from three months to five years of age. As I wanted to instil a good food credo for all my children I had to cater for some of the babies and toddlers who suffered from food allergies, asthma and a handful of very fussy eaters. I was referred to Elenia. She not only assisted me but also educated me in the ways of child nutrition. What a knowledgeable lady! She particularly assisted with a toddler at twenty two months who was an incredibly fussy and sensitive eater due to being borne as an extreme premature baby. The toddler would only eat TUC biscuits and Elenia coaxed her towards a diet filled with fruit, lean proteins and veg. I appreciated the fact that she was so realistic and logical in the eating and lifestyle of little ones and she proved to be an asset for meal times at my crèche. Her consulting fee does not stop there. She is constantly in touch, following up on the progress of the children and gives advice on any and every issue concerning my children I put forward be it cooking tips, how to get the kids more involved with food and making it fun, Psychological advice and assisting parents with any of their issues. She is a Godsend. Thank you Elenia!"


- G. Argyropoulos Principal of Kids Kingdom 

The Story of Baby A

A year ago I sat in one of the leading fertility specialist's office in Johannesburg and received the most devastating news. I have a low ovarian reserve and there is nothing they can do for me. My best chances would be to accept donor eggs.

After crying non-stop for an entire day, I got up with a new perspective the next day and decided to put all the crying behind me and get educated on the matter.

And that is how my journey began that eventually led me to Elenia.


After reading how important your diet is when trying to conceive, I knew that I had to adjust my lifestyle. A friend recommended Elenia to me.

I immediately contacted Elenia. Due to logistics we couldn't meet but Elenia was so efficient over email and assisted me immediately.

She was a million times more encouraging than the fertility specialist and assured me that my body is just out of balance.

Elenia provided an eating programme that was specifically worked out for me according to my needs.

My mornings started with a "green" smoothie every day.

It became a way of life for me for 4 months & then my miracle happened. I was pregnant!


Elenia kept encouraging me and believed that I will conceive where the specialist's gave me less than 5% chance of ever conceiving.

I now know that Elenia was right and that my body just needed time to heal from the inside out. 


I kept following a revised eating programme Elenia gave me for my pregnancy.

I had the most amazing pregnancy and was never sick for the duration of my pregnancy.


On top of Elenia's expertise regarding eating programme's, she is such an amazing and caring person. Always following up on how I am doing and really had my best interest at heart.

I can really recommend Elenia's services to anyone.

She has changed my life!


- K, Johannesburg



After being diagnosed with severe PCOS, I was left hopeless, exhausting all conventional treatment methods. Until a chance encounter put me in touch with Elenia. My sights have shifted and that's putting it mildly. I reconsider everything I eat and I'm half Italian. I loved meal times and I'm pleased to say I still do. Following loads of encouragement and useful tips, a comprehensive meal plan and a good dose of nutritional supplements, for the first time in 8 years I had a normal cycle without meds and three more consecutive cycles. My hope is restored that I too may have children someday. On top of the health benefits I've lost a considerable amount of weight, boosting my self-confidence to the max!  It was more than just a meal plan, it was a game changer, a complete life shift AND it was so easy. Elenia, at all times professional, sincerely encouraging and very knowledgable. Kudos to chance encounters, I'm so pleased our paths crossed. 


I'm eternally grateful. 

- L, Johannesburg

" Hi El. Guess what??"


- T.B, WhatsApp Message

" Elenia!!!"


- E VDS, Whatstapp Message



Hi Elenia. Hope you are well. I have some good news:) I'm pregnant, still early.

- Z.S, WhatsApp Message


Hi I have some good but very surprising news. I am pregnant! I just wanted to let you know that I have been told since I was diagnosed with endo that we would have to do hormone treatment to have a baby. Yes, the timing I maybe not right but because of eating better has happened. Thank you for all your help. If you have any tips please let me know.

- E.C, WhatsApp Message

Saheti Tuckshop


I cannot express enough appreciation for this report. It is so thorough and extensive and with consideration for the school, the students and the proprietor of the tuck shop. The report will be circulated to the health and safety committee. Its makes for such interesting reading. Your help is much appreciated.

- Jaco Nel

Tessa Kanaris

"I consulted Elenia for a balanced meal plan for my two sons aged five and eight. Both boys are difficult and fussy eaters and I was concerned that they were not getting adequate nutrition and eating far too much sugar and processed foods. They also spend long hours at school and I was looking for ideas that were well balanced and nutritional for the boys lunch boxes. Elenia formulated a wonderful daily menu which included foods that were not only tasty but were of great nutritional value. She also advised me on foods that are non-gmo and her focus is on organic, unprocessed and unrefined foods. Elenia provided many options for breakfast, lunch boxes as well as lunch and dinner at home. Their meals are easy to prepare and the menus still include foods that the boys enjoy e.g chicken nuggets, but these are now home cooked with organic ingredients and are not processed. This still makes for fun options for the kids, eating foods that they enjoy but are still healthy. After following the eating plan for two months my boys are eating nutritionally balanced meals and I have seen a vast difference in the following; they are focusing and concentrating much better at school and their allergies have cleared. Their energy levels have improved so they are coping much better with their sporting extra murals. The other area that has improved is their sleeping patterns."


- Tessa Kanaris, Cape Town





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