The Elenia K Open Hand Foundation is a private, non-profit charitable entity that has been created from love and with love.


The name of this foundation is based on a memory taught to me by my father who instilled the ideology that the hand that is open is generous, healthy, giving, selfless and  life altering.


Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and scientist was known to advocate that the hand is the” tool of tools” noting that they are strength, power and protection as well as generosity, hospitality and stability.

My father’s words and Aristotle’s seem to mirror each other’s beautifully. Wise words from two very smart men.


The foundation is focused on disadvantaged children and aiding them as far as possible with sound nutritious food hampers, school supplies, gift hampers and entertainment play and recreation.

Not one to speak of charitable work that is being done as it is our human duty to do so in any measure in any way, this is Elenia K Nutritions most proud addition to the Elenia K Enterprise.

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