"Connecting nature to eachother"



A subtle & distinctive scent, Inside 449 "morphs" to each user's internal flora, acidity balance, smell & taste.

It safely heightens arousal, libido, eroticism & intimacy.

Developed from certified organic natural oils.

Free from: Glycerin, Petroleum, Propylene, L'Arginine



Smell aid - erotic, lingering all natural perfume scent that may adapt to each user’s

natural scent & taste.

Unisex aid, may tingle & may give slight pulsing sensation.

May be used for Vaginismus.

Naturally & safely moistens and lubricates.

Ph balanced & dermatologically tested on adult human skin.

Healthy, calming & alleviating aid for female acidic environments.

Healthy hormone promoter.

Natural pubic hair conditioner & softener.

Taste aid - sweet, aromatic.

Slight warming effect.


May be safely used as a topical massage oil.


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