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Chemical vs Natural

I always advocate that all forms of chemical as well as natural healing is necessary in today’s life. Obviously no amount of healthy eating, active lifestyle and supplement intake can fix a broken bone, extract a bullet from a person’s body or stitch torn skin. And yet how often as chemical therapy been taken over by the succsess of natural therapy? Let's examin the following:


Of our five female fertility cases three of the ladies – all three on fertility treatment – have fallen pregnant between three and seven months after commencing a tailor made nutritional programme having ceased their fertility therapy.The same can be said for the many children I have assisted, being treated for ADD/ADHD, concentration problems, lethargy, asthma, weight control issues and so on. More often than not - in my case - it is the same scenario repeated time and again. For exaple not one of the above were asked by the proffessionals treating them if they were undergoing some form of stress, what their diets consisted of or if they recently experienced a positive or negative event. Regarding one of the children put on Ritalin for hyperactivity, his mother was not even asked what the child’s diet consisted of. In a nutshell it was coke, white bread and more coke, morning, noon and night. Do you see a pattern here?

I am not the only Nutritionist advocating that Nature by far has more solid and beneficial results when it comes to aiding human ailments, I also will not be the last. I am not a fanatic tree hugger. I do not hate modern medicine, it assisting me many times in my thirty four years. But it never made my body perform to its optimal state. It never aided me in both my natural conceptions that yielded two perfect sons. And in general it never shifted a depressed state of mind, cleared adult acne or extended the life expectancy of a terminally ill cancer patient by eight years ( I had the pleasure of personally knowing this person ). The list goes on and on.


What course of healing will you take? That depends on who you are and what you want in life. A quick fix is always the more attractive option. I remember a mother calling me to enquire about her son that was experiencing a very bad skin rash. Her dilemma was that it was soon to be his Matric Farewell and she needed a remedy now. I told her I could help but that visible results would only be seen after two to three weeks if his ailment was a condition I could assist with. She ended the call by saying that she would rather ask her doctor for a prescription for Roacitan. Also a lady in her forties called and said she needed to be pregnant right now and what did she need to do? I advised her that that type of pressure and stress on the body will never allow for a pregnancy. I also told her I was not Jesus and could not aid anyone “right now” in falling pregnant.


Again, we live in a world where it is impossible to live "clean". Unless we inhabit an island with no communication and eat only fish and coconuts all day I am afraid that we have to take our health into our own hands and decide how we are going to prolong it. It is up to us to enter into a life long contract with our body, mind and state of health. Always remember that most of how and what we precieve, what we believe, see understand, process and how we choose to live our life day by day ultimately determind our overall health.  The time to be proactive is right now.

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