Tessa Kanaris

"I consulted Elenia for a balanced meal plan for my two sons aged five and eight. Both boys are difficult and fussy eaters and I was concerned that they were not getting adequate nutrition and eating far too much sugar and processed foods. They also spend long hours at school and I was looking for ideas that were well balanced and nutritional for the boys lunch boxes. Elenia formulated a wonderful daily menu which included foods that were not only tasty but were of great nutritional value. She also advised me on foods that are non-gmo and her focus is on organic, unprocessed and unrefined foods. Elenia provided many options for breakfast, lunch boxes as well as lunch and dinner at home. Their meals are easy to prepare and the menus still include foods that the boys enjoy e.g chicken nuggets, but these are now home cooked with organic ingredients and are not processed. This still makes for fun options for the kids, eating foods that they enjoy but are still healthy. After following the eating plan for two months my boys are eating nutritionally balanced meals and I have seen a vast difference in the following; they are focusing and concentrating much better at school and their allergies have cleared. Their energy levels have improved so they are coping much better with their sporting extra murals. The other area that has improved is their sleeping patterns."

 - Tessa Kanaris, Cape Town


"I cannot express enough appreciation for this report. It is so thorough and extensive and with consideration for the school, the students and the proprietor of the tuckshop. The report will be circulated to the health and safety committee. It makes for such interesting reading. Your help is appreciated." - Jaco Nel SAHETI School